Year Title Commissioner Premiere Recording
2005 The Calling BBC Philharmonic Orchestra Bridgewater Hall N/A
2005 Sundiata Prins Claus Foundation Jant-Bi, Senegal N/A
2005 Cry of Innocence Gye Nyami Greenwich Theatre N/A
2004 Moving Away ABRSM Albany Theatre CD Rom
2004 Esther Royal Opera House/Nitro ROH N/A
2003 The People's Princess BAC/National Theatre BAC N/A
2002 Let the Elements ... VSO (Revision) RFH N/A
2002 Cycle of Reckoning Nat. Symphony of Belgium (Revision) Brussels/Gent N/A
2002 Procession UEL Graduation Ceremony Barbican N/A
2002 Path of Initiation Africa Centre RFH N/A
2001 Hopes on the Horizon PBS/Blackside Inc. PBS N/A
2001 Reflections on Future ... M.K. City Orchestra MK Theatre N/A
2000 Rites of Passage Adzido Dance Co. Peacock Theatre N/A
2000 Let the Elements ... Viva Sinfonia/EOB Derby Assembly Rms N/A
2000 Infinity ... Lon. Mozart Players/EOB Eye Church N/A
2000 Dancing in the Spirit Random Dance Co. Stratford Rex N/A
2000 The Passing Moments ... Wingfield Arts/EOB Wingfield Arts Cen. N/A
2000 Savannah - Perc. Con. The Philharmonia/EOB De Montfort Hall N/A
2000 String Quartet No.2 Brodsky Quartet Cabot Hall Vanguard
1999 Initiation - Cello Con. Rainbow over Bath Bath University Hall N/A
1999 Pathways Britten Sinfonia/EOB St.Andrews Hall, Norwich N/A
1999 Evolving Spheres RPO/EOB Dacorum Pavilion, Hemel N/A
1999 Retracy a Legacy Sharp-Edge/RPO Riverside Studios N/A
1998 The Spirit The Axiom Foundation Truro Cathedral N/A
1997 Dance Tek Warrior Union Dance Company QEH + many N/A
1997 Tetragrammaton Charlie Barber Band Purcell Room N/A
1996 All Our Yesterdays Concordia Foundation Caux, Switzerland N/A
1996 Reminiscence Sakoba Dance Theatre Purcell Room + many N/A
1996 Alpha Chichester Festival Goodwood House N/A
1995 Cycle of Reckoning Music on Earth/BBC2 BBC2 M. on Earth
1995 Lamentation A & C Music Circuit QEH + many Triciom
1995 Light in the Circle of Truth The Axiom Foundation Purcell Room + many N/A