Nomad (Hetra Music) 2007 - Available October 2007

Nomad is Tunde's first solo album in 10 years. Featuring an array of special guests including Kasse Mady, Cleveland Watkiss, Oumou Sangare, HKB FiNN, Mpho Skeef, Misty Oldland and Dellfox, Nomad effortlessly blends African Classical Music with Dance, Jazz, Reggae and Pop. It's his most ambitious work to date brimming with a cinematic aesthetic but yet, grounded in modern music making. A musical epic both in spirit and sonics, Nomad will propel you into a world unlike any other.

The Nomad project began in early 2003 and took a tremendous 3 years to complete. With featured guest artists from the UK, US and Africa, the recording project took second place to Tunde's many performance, education and production duties. Recorded at Air Lyndhurst Studios and Gateway Studios in Kingston, Nomad is a testament to Tunde's skill both as a songwriter and a producer.

Nomad is a breath-taking musical journey into the uncharted realms of contemporary African music. In recent years there have been many attempts at encapsulating this sound but Tunde manages to wield his knowledge of the inner workings of music almost effortlessly. Sounds of the African Diaspora synergised with Western Classical compositions, held together by his unique African classical sound, results in a refreshing treatment and truly invigorating sonic experience.

Still Moment (Hetra Music) 2007 - Available April 2007

Tunde Jegede - Still MomentsIn 1996, Triciom records released the follow up to Lamentation, the highly influential Malian Royal Court Music. This is the definitive African Classical Music album with the added bonus of also representing a synergy between Western and African classicism. Many critics have found it difficult to categorise this record which has resulted in the development of two main schools of thought surrounding this work. The first sees this album as a world music record while the second school of thought sees this as a contemporary classical album.

This album was first released in the UK in 1996 and was hailed by many critics as a masterpiece within the idiom of African Classical Music. Malian Royal Court Music was reviewed by Louise Gray for Tower magazine who said:

"Tunde Jegede, a kora player/composer, of British/African descent, offers a fascinating and beautiful reading of minimalism with Malian Royal Court Music (Triciom) *****. Compositions based on traditional music, this is a virtuoso album with Jegede's Kora (harp-lute), tracing complex and richly-coloured interlocking rhythms and melodies. He has brought his love of Bach to bear on this work. Jegede is still in his twenties and is a name to be watched."

"...wholly enjoyable, quite outstanding, an entrancing sound, a kind of ecstatic tingling in the ear underlay almost everything that was played" - The Independent

To celebrate its 10th year anniversary, Triciom records has licensed Malian Royal Court Music with two new pieces and re-entitled it: Still Moment. Still moment is a beautifully constructed New Age recording and should add a new argument to the one already in process around this record.

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Lamentation (Triciom Records) 1995

Tunde jegede - LamentationTunde's debut album was released on the Triciom label in 1995. During a hectic year co-producing his first TV documentary, Tunde also set up Triciom Records with Paul Gladstone Reid. The first release was the seminal classical album: Lamentation.

Embraced almost immediately by the classical world as a fantastic modern exponent of this idiom, Lamentation was produced by Paul Balmer. Despite its limited release, the album has found its way to a worldwide audience with little or no marketing from the small London-based label.

Lamentation was voted album of the year by Wire magazine, chosen by opera diva Maria Ewing as one of her Desert Island discs and selected by New York DJ John Shaefer to be used for the commemorative anniversary of 9/11 on U.S. public broadcasting radio. The record was also described as :

" ...Tunde's music reflects his complete harmony with his Western and African backgrounds..." - The Guardian

"...some fabulous recordings of the kora, the harp-lute, and some dangerously New Age-sounding contemporary music" - Pick of the Day / The Independent

"...Music thats made to last..." - Mojo magazine

Lamentation has been used in many national ceremonial occasions from the Far East to South Africa, the U.S. and Canada. In 2002, the entire album was played continuously on U.S. radio as the unofficial recording to commemorate the September 11th disaster in New York. A much sought after recording, Triciom has not been able to keep up with demand for Lamentation and so it remains a very rare album in more ways than one.

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