Frontlines Backyards (Original Version)

Tunde Jegede - Frontlines Backyards

Frontlines Backyards was a conference held at the Institute of Education in 1996 to explore the emergent dialogues around cultural identity and diversity politics. With contributions by leading scholars and academics such as: Stuart Hall, Dr. Jayne Ifekwunigwe, David A Bailey and several more. Tunde's essay explored issues around cultural genealogy within the African Dispora.

Published by Lawrence and Wishart, Edited by Bill Schwartz and Phil Cohen, 1998

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Storms of the Heart

Tunde Jegede - Storms of the Heart

This book was an anthology of Arts and Culture and was a collection of essays and written contributions by leading writers from cultural practitioners and social commentators including: Ben Okri, Keith Piper, Ngugi Wa Thiong'o and many others. Tunde contributed one of its most provocative entries with his work on the mis-representation and exploitation of visiting African musicians being brought to UK for the first time.

Published by Camden Press, Edited by Kwesi Owusu, 1988

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