Tunde Jegede has worked over the years as Lecturer, Workshop leader and progressive educationalist. By the end of his own schooling Tunde began to recognise the importance of defining and documenting one's own cultural legacy and artforms. Drawing from his practical experience over the years Tunde began to formulate his ideas and concepts into a cohesive theory and body of work.

The main thrust of his research led to the discovery of a long practised but almost undocumented musical tradition, which can be traced back to antiquity. This practise, the surrounding cultural legacy of this tradition, its impact on popular music and the connection between its Diaspora and its origins has fuelled his life long search to raise the profile and to celebrate the importance and prestige of the art form of African Classical Music.

Tunde Jegede Workshops

As a workshop leader, Tunde Jegede has won several international awards for his contribution, design and musical direction of a variety of education workshop programmes. For a list of his workshop projects, educational collaborations and for workshop bookings, please click here.


He has given a variety of lectures on music and cultural matters ranging from Music History, Cultural Identity and Comparative Musical Studies. His passion for his main subject area of African Classical Music has led him to lecture all over the world and he remains the definitive expert on this idiom. For an example of his lectures please click here